Dear Cracked Member's

When reporting a scammer it's important to follow the proper format, failing to do so will result in your scam report being ignored. We do this so all the relevant information is present and your report can be processed as fast as possible, staff are not responsible for gathering information for you and no assumptions will be made in regards to the deal that was made.

Scam report format (Mandatory)

Scammers Profile Link: 
[If Applicable] Sales Thread: 
Amount or Item(s) Scammed: 
Screenshots of Communication: 
Additional Information:
[If Applicable] Crypto address for a refund:

 You may NOT file a scam report for:
  • A potential scam
  • An attempted scam (please PM @Liars directly)
  • Someone you suspect to be a scammer
  • On behalf of someone else who was scammed
  • If you have not made any attempts to resolve it with the seller/buyer.
Anyone posting on a scam report you are not directly involved in will receive a warning. Continuing to do so will result in a temporary suspension.
For account recoveries and 2fa issues, contact @Liars or @Darkness
For any upgrade-related issues, please private message me on-site.

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Important note: Do not private message me for IntenseProxy support, instead send an email to [email protected]