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Date Message
02:22, 24-09-2023 Autobump - fixed an issue where autobumped post would be posted twice or more
Autobump - autobumped posts will now have a propert "bumped" label
Manual bump - fixed an issue where user would be getting uknown error if more then 24h have passed
Rate limit - fixed an issue where user post actions would trigger rate limit in loop (reported by @RealPsycho )
02:21, 24-09-2023 Shoutbox - fixed an issue where some symbols weren't appearing ( @Low)
Shoutbox - fixed sparkles floating below message input
Awards marketpace - fixed issue with user purchase history where uid wasn't appended in url param @Foreigner
08:41, 06-04-2023 Easter bunny award can be obtained by posting (2% chances) in any subforum (LQ subforum, DDs, ban appeals, suggestions are excluded)
03:43, 24-03-2023 Ramadan award and blessed award can be obtained by posting (1% and 3% chances) in any subforum (LQ subforum, DDs, ban appeals, suggestions are excluded)
05:07, 07-03-2023 Credits page - added missing icons ( reported by @Sacred )
05:05, 07-03-2023 UserCP -> 2FA fixed grammatical errors ( reported by @Sacred )
04:56, 07-03-2023 Awards - awards that are requrement based (reputation, posts and threads) can be requested from "extras -> awards page"
04:52, 07-03-2023 Awards Page - all awards will now point to ".io" domain in image source ( reported by @LoroPiana)
04:50, 08-01-2023 Alerts - fixed a bug where clicking on "delete all alerts" wouldn't set the correct alert count - reported by @MultipleCase
04:41, 08-01-2023 Item shop - removed dobule "nooo" item - reported by @Peachy
Awards marketplace - seller and buyer will now receive proper pms when the award sale is completed - reported by @ProxiesFo @Peachy
03:51, 03-01-2023 Items - description for diamond item has been fixed ( reported by @Peachy )
03:49, 03-01-2023 New Thread / New Reply - fixed an issue where user would auto subscribe after making a new post/ reply ( reported by @S4L )
12:08, 20-12-2022 Newthread / showthread
- fixed an issue where new posted thread would display "Guest" user instead of author (reported by @ @NOLEHR / @TheAxis )
- fixed an issue where user couldn't open new threads due the negative credits balance ( reported by @Coin )
- fixed an issue where threads would be double posted

Profile / Vouches
- fixed an issue where vouches would display the wrong count ( reported by @AP0CRYPH0N)
- vouches page - if the user vouch count doesn't match the one on vouch page (received vouches) it will auto update it to correct value

- Christmas tree and Santa are now displayed on awards page (reported by @winter )
- Valuable ref - corrected description (suggested by @DankoFR )

- user inputed amount is now rounded up ( reported by @24kGold )
- November update !
- RPS page has been updated
- RPS stats page has been added - with limit (?limit=x where x is numberical value ranging from 1 to 30)
- Profile page - RPS stats for each user have been added uder "more" link on profile

Signature deals
- fixed spelling mistake (reported by @Michael_Scofield )

- fixed few spelling mistakes ( reported by @Michael_Scofield )

- fixed icons issue ( reported by @LanaRhoadesBaby )

Username items
- fixed an issue where some items wouldn't display due the large name size ( reported by @Dicke_Titten )
03:10, 18-12-2022 Fixed an issue where post edit would return "your message or subject can't be empty" - reported by @Code
12:19, 11-12-2022 Christmas logo has been added
2 new awards Christmas tree ( ) and Santa ( ) can be obtained by posting from 10/12to 11/1/2023 (LQ subforum, marketplace forums, feedback and suggestions, ban appeals and announcemend sections are excluded)
11:56, 11-11-2022 Shoutbox was reseted due the massive lag spike caused by unused user data (old users)
Users can now restore their old shout count via
12:56, 09-11-2022 450 reputations (total entries) have been returned to users
12:53, 09-11-2022 Received and given likes are recounted and returns to all active users between 3rd november and 7th november
12:25, 09-11-2022 Threads for active users have been restored. If a user is missing a a thread please open a ticket in
04:44, 08-11-2022 Deal disputes forum - solved threads have their posts restored and are moved into solved forum
04:03, 08-11-2022 Imported bans have been reapplied
03:56, 08-11-2022 Old threads after 07/11/22 08:35 PM have been restored
Old posts and threads between 03/11 and today have been restored
12:51, 08-11-2022 New threads starting from 07/11/2022 11:11 AM won't have any issues / conflicts with imported and restored threads
02:33, 31-10-2022 Dropdown - fixed an issue where Log out button would overlap settings link ( reported by trusted feetman @Alexkkhalifa clown2 )
02:09, 31-10-2022 Reports page - fixed an issue where viewing post reports would cause error ( reported by @Anubis )
Reports page - added report reason (suggested by @Sentonta )