Hello Cracked members,

Due to the recent growth, we have decided to seek a few more helping hands to maintain the forum.
Since cracked is a big community that's growing rapidly, we require additional help from our members. We are currently looking for a member that will be promoted to Trial Moderator, who needs to help us maintain peace on the forum and help it grow even more. To be considered for this position, you will need to make an application, and we will pick THREE (3) applicants to be promoted.

The duties and expectations a Trial Moderator is required to fulfill are the following:

--Find Spammers / Leechers / Multis
--Maintain peace and order in the shoutbox
--Clean the forum from malware and spam. It is important to have malware knowledge and disinfection skills.
--You have to be mature and handle situations professionally
--You must be good at making unbiased decisions and treating everyone equally.
--You must be able to dedicate at least 30-45 minutes daily solving forum reports, enforcing rules, and assisting users.

Please send your applications to @Applications using the Private Messaging system. One sentence application will be ignored and the user blacklisted from future recruitment, as this will show us that since you did not put time into making the application, you will do the same if you get the position.

You only have until the deadline below to submit your applications, keep in mind it doesn't matter whether you are the first or the last applicant; all the applications will be read and considered. Please put some time into making the application as this will show a lot about yourself and what you can do.

We are only looking for dedicated people!

When sending out the Application, make sure that the subject is "Trial Moderator Application" (people that fail to do this will be ignored)!

Applications before the date of this post will be ignored.

Deadline: 20-09-2022 00:00 GMT + 1

Trial Mod position is an unpaid position, and only senior active staff members are paid.

Cracked.io Administration
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For account recoveries and 2fa issues, contact @Liars or @Darkness

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