Hello everyone,

I first created a Telegram group so that I could have a small group of maybe 25 members to discuss crypto. Trading strategies, hidden gems, imminent market dumps and buying opportunities. The group blew up to over 200+ members, so I switched over to Discord (click here to join).

I have been trading crypto for about a year and have had a lot of success, finding multiple 10x gems and knowing what to look for and how the market works based on experience.

Daily calls

Multiple calls everyday on what are some good looking graphs on coins and tokens. You can scroll up the chat history to see that the calls are very accurate, giving our members anywhere from 2-5x gains within a relatively short amount of time.

The market crash was also talked about the morning prior the crash, and which zones to look for.

Here is an example of calls made today, and from weeks ago.

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Technical Analysis

Request technical analysis or a second opinion on a chart from our chartists. Charts play out sometimes to the cent. Strategies and scenarios are given in both directions if the market pumps or dumps.

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