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Data-encoder is a SCAM

by johnaxisny - 26 November, 2021 - 04:48 AM
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It's a SCAM. I am posting this comment because I know very well that the "developer" if you can call it that will refuse to refund me. I understand why he forbids scanning on other Multiscanner because his CRYPTER is 100% detected. It discloses false scans with files that have nothing to do with the encrypted .exe. Here is the concrete proof after a so-called update: As you can see, all antivirus programs detect the CLEAN file that I encrypted. Cloud scanning on anti-virus software will detect all your encryptions. Report this scammer to Blockonomics. I will take care of ruining his site's SEO and report him to Google. He will soon no longer appear in the SERPS. Don't be fooled. No update and his usual blah blah blah won't change anything, why does he accept Bitcoin as his only payment method? To avoid chargeback and simply keep the money. I even tried to scan the files with runtime scanners like DynCheck and guess what? Everything is detected. The $45 I spent is not for me, but it motivated me to destroy this thief.
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Thanks for the alert
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