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Looking to collaborate with skilled persons on possibly lucrative scam on streamers

by misteroblong - 26 November, 2021 - 07:03 AM
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Hello. I won't take up too much time with fluff. 

I have devised a plan in which a person may scam a live streamer on any popular platform for a sizeable profit.

Below I will outline it.

I would first like to warn some of the elements I mention are services I'm not even sure exist but I do believe are possible. (These will be notated by a  monkaS)

The first step in this plan will be the services needed to perform this with explanations as to what part of the plan they are used by in chronological order. 

Mass DMing streamers on various platforms using set criteria. monkaS
  • We will begin by DMing many small to medium-large streamers (Around 5k-100k followers)
  • We will explain that we will harm or possibly ban/delete their channel/revenue using methods (listed further down) if they do not pay us a set amount of money (say $250-1k) in BTC
  • We can go two ways. 1. explain that if they do not believe we have the capability to harm their channel/revenue, in 24 hours we will send mass reports monkaS  and stolen money their accounts and charge it all back.  2. We will slowly bot them over a few weeks to gain more followers/subs and then DM them explaining that if they do not comply, we will remove massive amounts of follower's/subs from them monkaS , and we will do that to our botted followers/subs. 
Mass reports.
  • I am not sure if this can be done but I imagine it can be. We simply mass flag report them and eventually Thell get spooked and comply.
Remove followers/subs
  • I am not sure if this can be done any other way than above, but if it can be done to legit followers' subs for a reasonable price it could be very persuasive.

If anyone can be of assistance or thinks they could pull this off, I'd be glad to give you the idea or collab and chip in for services so we both profit. 

Thank you for reading.
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gl finding!
[Image: Twitch_400x400.gif]
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dm me

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