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Dear members of our community,

We are grateful for your contributions to the success and growth of our forum.
Your engagement and hard work have been crucial in helping us achieve our goals.
Moving forward, our top priority is to create a dynamic and enjoyable experience for all members.

To this end, we are pleased to announce our plan to revamp the ranking system for the coming year.
This will involve updating the criteria for earned ranks and modernizing the corresponding user bars.
We will also seek input from esteemed community members to create a new, elite-earned rank above heaven based
on the quality and impact of a user's contributions to the forum. These changes are intended to recognize the invaluable
assistance of our members and improve the overall community experience.

In order to combat multi-scammers and protect our community, we will assign two staff members to focus on identifying and addressing such activity.
They will follow guidelines and accept reports directly from community members to investigate potential cases of multi-account usage.
We will also create a dedicated help document to educate new buyers about common scams and help them avoid falling victim to such nefarious activities.

Section Mods will be chosen from the community through a nomination process by staff and voting by the community.
They will serve for 90 days, during which time they will be responsible for removing outdated or duplicate content, preventing spam and malware,
and ensuring content quality in their designated forum section.

To maintain fairness and safeguard our community, we will assign a staff member to moderate reputation.
This staff member will help members affected by reputation abuse, such as gang neg repping, baseless accusations of scamming, sale trashing,
or unjustified negative reputation from a competitor in the marketplace.  Members can add a warning tag to users who have gained a reputation
through rep4rep, ensuring that inflated reputation numbers do not give them an unfair advantage in the marketplace. This will also ensure that
reputation quality is valued more highly than quantity. Additionally, if your given reputation has been
removed for violating rules, you may not rephrase and add it back to the same person.

We are excited to unveil the creation of an auction house where our esteemed members can sell their signature space, awards, and even their products or businesses.
Transactions involving signature space and awards will be conducted using credits and processed automatically by the system.
Deals involving products or companies will be completed manually by the respective parties, using a method of payment agreed upon by both parties.
Bids will be subject to strict rules and moderation to prevent fraudulent activity and ensure efficiency.
This new feature allows users to monetize their assets and engage in mutually beneficial exchanges.

In addition, we are introducing several updates to the Shoutbox Marketplace to improve its functionality and integrity.
To promote healthy competition and fair usage, we will offer an auto bump feature that allows users to return their listings to the top of the marketplace.
We are also introducing a single-day pin option that members can purchase once a month, allowing users to elevate their listings above all others for 24 hours.
To ensure a positive and equitable user experience, access to the marketplace will be restricted to upgraded and earned user groups.
Strict moderation will be enforced to prevent abuse and ensure a fair marketplace for all users.

As we move into the new year, we are confident that these updates and developments will have a positive impact on our community.
Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for us as a community.
We look forward to continued prosperity in the year ahead.
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