Dear Users,

We are thrilled to announce some exciting new features and rewards for the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 tournament! As the anticipation builds, we want to enhance your experience and make this tournament more interactive and rewarding for all football enthusiasts.
Key Features:

Pre-Match Threads:
For each matchday, a dedicated thread will be posted in advance. This will include all the essential details about the upcoming match, along with a link to the profile of the bot handling predictions.

Easy Participation in Predictions:
To participate in predicting the outcome of a match, simply send 500 credits to the bot mentioned in the thread post. This makes it easy and straightforward for you to join in the fun and test your football knowledge.
Winners of the prediction will be eligible for a prize pool that consists of all credits received for that particular bet. In case of multiple winners, the prize pool will be divided between each of them.

Note: You must predict the result, for example, 3-0 Germany Win.

Exciting Awards:

We have also introduced a special award to celebrate your prediction skills during the tournament.

Award Name: Golden Predictor Award

Requirements: Predict 3 correct results within a 2-day period while the matchdays are running.

This award is designed to recognize and reward our top predictors who can accurately foresee the outcomes of the thrilling matches we have lined up.

We hope these new features and rewards add to your enjoyment of UEFA Euro 2024. Get ready to dive into the excitement, showcase your prediction prowess, and win amazing awards!

Stay tuned for more updates and start preparing your predictions. Let the best football insights win!

Best regards.
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