Hello Cracked members,
MOTQ FOR QUARTER #1 voting is now open.
Please vote to 1 (One) member who you think deserves to have the MOTQ title of QUARTER #1 2023

Top 6 users who got nominated the most:   Deadline for voting: 23/04/2022 23:59 GMT + 1

Important Note: Posting any sort of comment on this thread will lead to warning points.

Check this thread about MOTQ contest, rules and awards.

May the best members win,
Cracked.to Administration.
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Top spot ad by @sad [ EXP - 6/12/2022]
Ad by @ - expiring 5/10/2023

[Image: mcYQwG3.gif]
AD by  @SaunX7 exp 5/30/2022

My ONLY discord is Firehosing#0859 the DISCORD ID IS 991138893867012106. Always VERIFY on cracked.io if someone dms you from my discord[/b][/b]