Hello Cracked members,
Welcome to first Member Of The Year contest for 2022.
Please vote to 1(One) member who you think deserves to have the Member Of The Year 2022

Below are the 12 users who are included in the contest, 8 of them are member from the nomination and the other 4 are from MOTQ. Contestants listed are not in any order.
   Deadline for voting: 01/28/2023 23:59 GMT + 1

Reward for winning member:
- Member Of The Year 2022 Title
- 300k Credits

Important Note: Posting any sort of comment in this thread will lead to warning points.

MOTY rules are similar to MOTQ contest (Check this thread) the only additional rule is that any contestant who is caught breaking rules will be permanently banned from the forum, any other user who asks for votes on contestants behalf will also be permanently banned from the forum, Lets keep it fair.

May the best member win,
Cracked.to Administration.
[Image: WrEGnPy.gif]

Top spot ad by @PureGold [ EXP - 2/08/2022]

Ad by @Mia - expiring 1/07/2022
[Image: Comp-1.gif]
AD by @Jimzzy exp 2/23/2022

My ONLY discord is Firehosing#0859 the DISCORD ID IS 991138893867012106. Always VERIFY on cracked.io if someone dms you from my discord[/b][/b]