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by DigiProfits - 27 November, 2020 - 11:31 PM
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Update: Today I received my first earnings from one of the bonus methods.

I bought it yesetrday and so far it's good. There are 8 methods and some bonuses, it's worth the price it is probably currently the best money making ebook on the market.
There are 44 pages without bonuses with bonuses more, it is explained with screenshots so it is easy to understand even for dumb people like me.

I started with the first 3 methods and bonus method and waiting for results with one of them. 

I give it 11/10 
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The seller has decided to give me out a vouch copy and here is my review:
Some of the methods OP provides or private some arent in my opinion. He explains every method very detailed and step by step. This makes it extremely ez to follow the method. There is a very good potential to earn money (99% guaranteed). It requires a lot of patience, a tiny bit of effort and depends on your luck, you can earn from 50 to 500 dollars a week, but always remember that the more effort you put in = more money. The E-Book itself is very well explained, easy to understand and perfect for beginners. 
Do I recommend it?:
Yes, I'm going to use this myself to earn some cash along with some other methods I am using / used before. The seller seems very professional so I expect him to be supportive towards his customers.
Seller: 10/10
Support: 10/10
Method: 8.5/10
Thanks again for the vouch copy and I hope your sells will succeed
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I received a vouch copy from DigiProfits, and I will now tell you everything I know about the method and what I think about it.

Methods [8/10]: These methods are really private. I am a money maker, and I see and know most methods. You will not find some of these methods around forums or something. So please don't be scared of buying public methods, because they are really private. The title says $400 / day, and I know many now think it's clickbait, etc. I am going to start with this. No, you would not make $400 the first day after purchasing this method. Although you work on this for maybe 10 days, it's easy scaling everything to $400 a day or maybe even more. These are scalable methods, and you will definitely make money back from what you spent on the ebook. For this method is with hat it's super good, you can make more than $400 a day too if you work hard.

Who is this method for? This method is for everyone, but I would say that it's best for people who may just got $100 layin' around. Purchase this ebook would be a great investment so you can start making money online. Making $2k in the first month is possible. "Flipping" €45.99 (eBook price) to around $2k is not bad. If you want to start easy and have more capital to do more fun stuff later,  this is the best ebook.

Seller [10/10]: I won't say too much here because DigiProfits is maybe one of the most helpful and kind people I have talked to from cracked. You will get all the help you need, and he is a  friendly and nice guy. Other ebook sellers might go like this: Bro, fucking make money not that fucking hard! DigiProfits is not like this. He is very kind and helpful. 

Design [9/10]: The design of the ebook is excellent. It's just straightforward but good. He has his own design, and it's not just white pages with text. It looks really clean, and he adds multiple pictures to help you. So he has spent some time on this design.

Overall: Before I started finding my own methods and use the methods I got now to make money, I was in the position that many of you guys are in. I made $0 / day, and if I just started making $10-20 every day, it would be so lit. I was literally dreaming about it. I bought maybe 2-3 methods from cracked for around $30-40 each. I made $0 from it. If I had bought this, I would be making money guaranteed. It's perfect for everyone that wants to start making some extra money online. And if you already make some, this is still great because the autopilot methods will make you some nice cash. And we all love autopilot cash.

Ebook in totally gets an 8/10.
Price: 10/10
I recommend you to purchase this! Not like any other methods, not the forum
Hype Hype
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GLWS Pepelove
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Hi sir, its ebook for how to refund ? Thanks

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