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Database Breach 21st July 2019

by KSZ - 27 July, 2019 - 05:59 PM
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Staff Team
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Hello Members,

I wish I would have never been forced to do such a thread but that's what you get for trusting the wrong people. I will take full responsibility as it was only my fault.

Today, 27.07.2019, I got the message that an old person of my trust has forum backups that contains the database and folder files. Those backups could be valid from End of 2018 until June 2019.
Since it's not longer in my hands that the database and forum files remain private, I wanted to use this thread to give everyone a warning about what could happen.

The database has not been published yet. However there is a chance that it's going to happen, hence we forced every user to change his password. We are also resetting all database sessions within the next few hours.

Before everyone panics:

We have changed the hashing algorithm of passwords from mybb default (md5) to something more advanced a few months ago, which makes it almost impossible to decrypt your passwords.

I'm beyond sorry that this has happened, especially for the community.

- Forum Administration
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Update 09.08.2019

A wannabe "leaking-forum" released the database backup today that contains all data from 21st of July 2019. As announced a few weeks ago all passwords are hashed with an advanced hashing algorithm (no, not Argon2, get your infos right next time) and therefore pretty much useless.

I have wiped all mybb_sessions today.

Note: your passwords are safe! You don't need to worry or panic about those as we are not using md5 hashing.

- Forum Administration

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